MACROSCOPY at is the nexus for published work by Richard Krepski, which includes the self-published book Alchemical Gold, poetry, stories, essays and plays. Krepski’s main focus is the use of metaphor to connect the physical world to the unseen realm of spirit.


Richard Krepski is retired from a 30-year career as research scientist and educator in the field of materials science. He received a B.E. from New York University and an M.S. from SUNY Stony Brook, and also pursued Ph.D. studies at Carnegie-Mellon University. His writing, including short stories, poetry, and essays, has appeared in Oberon, Mobius, Bolts of Silk, Fickle Muses, Jesus Radicals, Parody, Still Crazy, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Tiferet-A Journal of Spiritual Literature. Krepski’s essay “Center of the Universe” (the basis for Ch. 4 of Alchemical Gold) was awarded the Tiferet writing prize for 2009. His science-fiction short story “The Synchronicity of Guilt and Gravity” will appear in the September 2018 issue of Mad Scientist Journal.